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The Prosecuting Attorney is a powerful actor in the criminal justice system. For years, these elected officials have been regarded as “ministers of justice” and supervisors of public safety. They wield far-reaching discretionary powers, such as determining which charges to pursue, whether to recommend bail, which witnesses to interview, and what sentences to recommend. Prosecutors also control the plea bargaining process.  This gatekeeper affects the lives and outcomes of all who come in contact with the criminal justice system in both Pulaski and Perry County.


 Scales of Justice


  • I will do more for victims to address the trauma they have experienced and help them to move forward and heal.                       
  • I will work with advocacy groups to ensure that victims of crime are able to access services to handle issues that linger long after the case is closed.                                                                                                             
  • I commit to ensuring that each victim and/or family member is involved in any plea negotiations and as to why the sentence being sought is commensurate with the crime charged.
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